Sonali's High Tea Bridal Shower Party Photos

Sonali and her guests were greeted with an incredible backyard wonderland for an afternoon of high tea and games.

Sonali’s backyard was transformed into a decadent high tea for her bridal shower photography. There were so many little details to photograph from the amazing dessert display, gifts for her guests to the amazing spread of food that ran the length of the back yard. 

Using Sonali’s love of the colour pink we made sure to not just take photos of her bridal shower & guests but all the amazing little details too. When it came time to our unique photo editing and styling we added a touch of pink to the hue colouring to bring them to life. As you’ll see it helped our candid, natural photography style to really pop. 

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Sonali's backyard Bridal Shower Party

They transformed a humble backyard into a magical pink paradise to help celebrate Sonali’s Bridal Shower.

Sonali’s bridal shower photos were taken in her back yard that was transformed into a fun high tea event. With Sonali’s love of pink we made sure to capture not only her party & guests but all the amazing little decoration details. For the photo editing and styling we added a touch of pink to the hue colouring to really make our candid, natural photos pop.

Sonali's Review