Fish Cove rose bay

Fish Cove brand launch.

This is one of our most recent marketing success stories. With our range of marketing services and expertise we helped created the brand identity for Fish Cove in Rose Bay. It was featured in Broadsheet Sydney and by Not Quite Nigella within weeks of opening.

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We knew the owners Michael and Patty who used our cafe photography services in Sydney for their previous business ‘Brunch and Co’ in Alexandria. They decided to return to the industry they knew best and decided to open and fish and chips shop in Rose Bay called Fish Cove.

With an absolute clean sheet of paper to work with their brief was simple; provide marketing services in Sydney to help launch their new brand. They have the goal of becoming Sydney’s leading fish and chip shop.

Our marketing work for Fish Cove.

Our contracted period was to cover the initial April & May launch period while providing all the tools to enable the Fish Cove team to continue to develop their business. The focus was establishing a solid marketing platform to ensure Consumers could discover the new brand, especially in the face of local existing competition.

These are the key areas we worked on & their profiles below

  • Brand positioning story and unique selling proposition.
  • New website creation including Menu, Review, Blog and Contact pages.
  • Website hosting, Domain, URL and branded email set up.
  • Facebook, Instagram social media profile set ups with initial community management.
  • Google My Business listing set up & optimisation.
  • Review site profile set up on Trip Advisor & Yelp, Zomato.
  • Store, staff and menu photography.
  • Public relations and Influencer outreach.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console set up and performance reviews.

The results we delivered.

The marketing services we provided delivered immediate results that were all tracked and measured using Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google My Business reporting tools. Fish Cove was able to rank on the first page of local Google searches for fish and chips, beating 15+ year established competition in the area.

The combination of brand positioning story and on-trend unique selling propositions also caught the eye of top 20 Australian food blogger Not Quite Nigella and local food directory Broadsheet Sydney.  

Here are some highlights from our few weeks;

  • 1st page Google Rank for 'Fish and Chips Rose Bay'
  • Avg positiong of 14 on Google for all searches
  • Over 150 search words or phrases ranking on Google searches.
  • Over 6,000 Google interactions via Search or Maps.
  • Over 1,000 website visits within a few weeks.
  • Over 300 Instagram followers with 95% of them Sydney based, $0 ad-spend.
  • Over 3,300 website page views and 1.35 min avg session time.
  • More than 30 positive reviews.
  • Review on Not Quite Nigella, a top 20 Australian food blog.
  • Review on Broadsheet Sydney & feature on their Instagram feed.
  • Intranet portal to host images, collateral & all brand materials.

Our recommendations.

While it is always easy to highlight the great marketing achievments delivered we also make sure we provide recommendations for our clients to follow after our contract is completed. For Fish Cove we had suggested that they focus on the following areas;

  • Continue to post photos of their food using bright, natural light.
  • Respond directly to every review left by Customers.
  • Don't use robot services or 'shortcuts' to build followers.
  • Don't spend money on 'boosting' social media posts.
  • Share content across all platforms especially Google My Business.
  • Don't run giveaways or cheap promotions.
  • Make sure social media posts talk deeply food.
  • Replicate posts and photos on Google My Business

Reviews of our marketing work

Here are some reviews of our marketing services that have been written by people we have worked closely with.

“Paul is a smart and capable business manager with a passion for technology and entertainment. We always had a convivial relationship although my primary dealings were with one of his buyers. Paul is a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with him in the future.”
Hayden Lockie
National Business Manager, Apple

Paul is extremely professional and able to deliver strategicsolutions to our business direction. I can recommend him highly.”

Russell Medcraft
Founder, Best Interest Advice

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Domayne. Paul was extremely passionate about the business and he possesses a knowledge of the Consumer Electronics market that is second-to-none. While at Domayne, he regularly created new and innovative ideas about how to grow the business. Paul always had a clear view of the direction the business needed to take. Furthermore, he did an excellent job of executing business strategies both internally and externally. I would recommend Paul to any business that is looking for someone passionate and driven to succeed.”

Peter Sharp
Audio Visual Product & Marketing Manager, Domayne

“Paul is one of the most passionate and driven brand professionals that I’ve come across. His role and his reputation have taken him to Europe and the US to work on global launches for Logitech and to share his best practices in social media campaigns and trade marketing projects. He’s a pleasure to work with and will bring success to any team.”

Art O Gnimh
VP Input Devices, Logitech

“Paul’s exceptional ability to collect, clean and analyse large data from various sources was shown when he conducted our recent market review. His vast experience showed through when he was able to quickly summarise clear and concise strategic goals leading onto actionable tasks for future results in a transparent, down to earth manner. Thanks again Paul.”

James Sawell
Manager Organisational Development and Marketing, Realserve Pty Ptd

“Paul has a fantastic ability to see what other’s cannot. He is creative, knowledgeable and committed and I always walked away from a conversation with him with new insight. He entered a challenging role at a difficult time and lead his team with an enthusiasm that was contagious and results that speak volumes for his abilities. Paul has a great deal to offer any business.”

Kylie Shafer
Director of Global eCommerce at Pandora

Paul was always open to new ideas, and was willing to work as a partner, along with other stakeholders to get projects to fruition.”

John Pospisil
Director, Cogent Insights

“I have no hesitation in recommending Paul as he is a reliable, trustworthy and honourable person. In the past working with him was a very straight forward as Paul would honour his commitments and work closely with the supplier to achieve our mutual goals. I commend Paul in his attitude and drive in business and wish him continued success.”

Mike Fegan
Director and Co-Founder, Trickstar Games

“Paul came to Logitech from strong retail sales and channel marketing background. When working with him, I found him to be energetic, proactive and highly productive. We worked in remote office from each other, which was no issue as Paul always takes initiative to discuss and very responsive. Paul also was very clear on results and intentional to develop staff who reports to him. All in all, I recall fondly Paul as a great professional colleague.”

Ruby Lin
Regional Marketing Director Asia Pacific, Logitech

“Paul’s ability to think outside the box has opened up a large number of opportunities that are enabling Logitech to move product into channels that were not open to Logitech prior to Paul’s arrival.
His ability to prioritise, employ logical processes and structure into his part of the Logitech business is second to none.”

Rod Caust
Distribution Sales Manager, Logitech