Small Business Website Design and Lead Generation.

This was a six month website design, brand development & lead generation project for a Sydney startup business called Scootering who rent Scooters and Motorcycles. We overhauled their entire sales, marketing & brand development activities leading to over 80 bikes being added to their fleet as well as a second location opening while maintaining the highest average rental price in the market by more than 25%.

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Scootering website design for scooter rental business

Paul started Scootering in the middle of 2018 and for nearly 12 months relied on local students or online freelancers to try drive his business. Frustrated by a lack of growth and a workshop full of rental scooters he decided to contract La Lente to provide our marketing expertise. 



His initial thoughts were to drop their prices to match their competition who were up to 30% cheaper and come up with social media promotional gimmicks to create awareness. Although, after a deep marketing analysis of the competitive scooter rental landscape we recommended a more measured, long term, approach that was focussed on discoverability via digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)



With less than $10,000 to spend we constructed a marketing mix that included a completely new website design, seo development program, optimised Google My Business profile, revised social media usage, new Google AdWords Campaigns, changes to how the brand communicated to consumers and got the brand listed on sites like 


Our focus was all about increasing credible online visibility, craft a strong brand profile and tap into market trends like the incredible growth of food deliver services like Uber Eats.


Our marketing for Scootering.

Scootering had tried to do it themselves, then engaged various online freelance website designers and even local students to help with their marketing, website design and search engine optimisation. Although once we analysed their data, the truth behind the work that had been done was clear; 


  • There was little to no website traffic & the owner wasn’t aware of this.
  • The business relied on Gumtree and Google AdWords to generate leads.
  • The business was poorly presented from a branding perspective.
  • Their unique selling proposition wasn’t being made prominent.
  • The business wasn’t ranking for relevant keywords and not even visible as a scooter rental option in Sydney.
  • There were more than 20 bikes sitting in the garage waiting to be rented.


So our scope of work wasn’t just about website design but taking a look at their whole business operation to make improvements to increase their online presence but also convince potential Customers to choose them.



Our work began in July 2019 and concluded early 2020 as we worked across all aspects of their marketing and demand generation activities including Google / Facebook / Gumtree Online Advertising, social media management, seo activities and even conducted an audit of over 30 online rental booking platforms to help them move to automated bookings.



Here are some fo the profiles we developed in 2019;

  • Website design & development.
  • Website page content creation.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Competitor analysis and comparisons.
  • Brand story and unique selling proposition development.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn social media profile optimisation.
  • Google My Business profile optimisation.
  • Integration of Google Analytics & Google Search Console data.
  • Online profile set ups across Bing, Yelp, & other leading sites.
  • Creation of in-store signage & other materials.
  • Sorting and organisation of all business materials, contracts & assets.
  • Google AdWords revised campaigns and advertising set ups.
  • Online booking system research and development.
  • Social media management.

"La Lente Marketing it’s a great way getting your business on the right track and you can be sure of great results. Paul it’s very honest and giving from himself more than it’s written in the contract.

I really recommend to anyone who would like to increase sales and find a better, easier and more efficient way of managing your business. Thank you"

Paul Wojtek, Director Scootering Pty Ltd.

The results we delivered.

Scootering Mobile Phone Responsive Website Design for a scooter rental company


The results delivered were almost instant as the business started to get more phone calls and email requests to book scooters. Everything was being tracked and measured using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The website began to show improvements in visitor volumes but more importantly the % of visitors converting to a lead began to change very quickly.





Scootering was presented as the most professional, leading scooter rental company in Sydney, a trusted location to rent a scooter. Our website content creation work focussed on creating pages to help people learn about how they could rent a scooter to earn money, travel while on holiday and even simple things like getting a rider’s license. 


Everything was cross promoted on social media and Google My Business which helped accelerate the visibility for the brand. Within 6 months the business has now achieved top 20 Google search page results across over 200 different keywords and phrases.





Our search engine optimisation work both on and off page helped Scootering to quickly grow its organic search traffic and Google Page Rankings. It wasn’t too long before the brand began securing 1st page search results for more than 20 different keywords and phrases. We delivered this with a mix of content creation developed through consumer insights research and identifying specific target customer groups.

The results included winning the zero position on Google SERP for the term ‘Uber Eats Scooter Rental’ which meant the brand was outranking a number of established competitors, but also Uber themselves. 




Scootering has managed to hold an average rental price over $120 in a marketplace where budget rentals are available from around $80. Initially the business owners wanted to drop all their pricing, but our marketing development work not only helped maintain their pricing but grow the business, saving over $150,000 in just a few months from not discounting.




Over the six month period the vehicle fleet needed to be increased to cater to the growth in demand. It doubled in size from 110 bikes when our work began to over 200 by the time the Melbourne location was opened.   reaching close to 200 bikes from 110 when our work began.




With a successful business and marketing model developed Scootering didn’t need to rely so much on advertising, and an availability rate of less than 3% and grew to over 150 vehicles in Sydney. So the owners decided to expand the business into Melbourne buoyed by their performance in Sydney. 


Here are some highlights from our marketing development;

  • Vehicle fleet increased from 110 to over 200 scooters
  • Maintained an ASP of $120 vs the market at $90-$100
  • Over 37,000 pageviews with 85% of visitors in Australia.
  • Over 2 minutes average time per website session.
  • Over 12,000 website visitors less, than 40% paid.
  • Over 21,000 Google My Business listing impressions.
  • Over 350 phone calls in Oct/Nov/Dec
  • Google Featured Snippet for Uber Eats Scooter Rental, outranking Uber.
  • 350% increase in search impressions Quarter 3 vs Quarter 2
  • 1st page search results for more than 10 keywords.
  • Ranking performance placing Scootering in the Top 3 vs direct competitors.
  • 35% reduction in Google AdWords spend with a 6% avg CTR
  • Consistent brand voice across Facebook, LinkedIn & other online profiles.
Scootering Sydney website design by La Lente in 2020

By February 2020 record results were being delivered for the brand. 

  • 40,500 Google search impressions, 25%+ click through rate on key terms..
  • Over 3,600 visitors to the website, 40% from organic search.
  • Over 280 actions taken, nearly 10% conversion rate.
  • Over 170 phone calls and 6,000 Google My Business interactions.
  • First page of Google for key search terms such as;
    Scooter Rental Sydney; avg #3
    Best Scooter for Food Delivery; avg #1
    Scooter Hire Sydney; avg #3
    Uber Eats Scooter Hire avg #2.2
    Uber Eats Scooter Rental avg #2
    Rent scooter for Uber Eats avg #2.3
Uber Eats Scooter Rental Google SERP Result

Reviews of our marketing work

Here are some reviews of our marketing services that have been written by people we have worked closely with.

“I recently engaged Paul D’Ambra to conduct an audit of my sites and he did an excellent job. In fact, he went over and above the work he’d scoped out because he wanted my business to benefit from the insights from his data. He even gave me additional tools that will help me in the future. I found the work he did incredibly comprehensive and was singularly impressed by his deep understanding of SEO and ability to recommend useful ways for me monetise my websites. I am now re-engaging Paul to help me further. To be honest, I hardly ever recommend people on Linkedin but given the benefit I’ve had from Paul’s work, I wanted to make others aware of his abilities”

Robyn Foyster
Entrepreneur Foyster Media Group

“Paul D’Ambra is a one of a kind. Unique in every way. He runs La Lente freelance website design and marketing services. After scouring for freelancers online I was hitting a dead end. I couldn’t find someone with broad enough skills and the approach I needed.

As a small business coach, I couldn’t make a mistake in this space. My clients were all watching my progress very closely. Paul completely changed my perception on what could be done from our very first discussion. He was incredibly detailed oriented. Skilled in contemporary marketing strategy. He drove me to new benchmarks.

I thought I was driven and goal oriented until Paul showed me that he had gears I hadn’t seen before. He created a list of tasks and content for me to rip into. He was on me every day to get it done. He guided me on best practice and gave me wonderful suggestions when I hit an impasse. Meanwhile he was rebuilding my website. With a stronger presence for SEO and organic growth. Better content and with a niche in the business coaching market.

The site was lightning fast. Paul wouldn’t rest until the job was done. It was so seamless. Something worth noting is Paul’s huge experience in photography so he has an elite eye for imagery and branding. I couldn’t be any happier and will continue to work with Paul as well as recommending him to my clients. He will not disappoint!”

David Taubman
Director - The Path To Great Culture

“The website looks amazing! You have done a brilliant job. Being a small business, I needed the investment made with a new website to be on the mark and value for money. The insight I have been given with the considerations needed in the build of a website has been informative and motivating to keep growing my business. The feedback from clients has been only positive.”

Barton Mawer
Director - Barton Mawer Motorsport

“Paul helped our business with new website, Google My Business page and saved me thousands on Google Ads being wasted and even cancelled a dodgy Yellow Pages contract. I got more leads & enquiries in 6 weeks than I got in the previous 6 months, I was blown away, he works fast and just knew what I needed to get done. I cancelled my previous seo agency who were ripping me off & he proved they were doing nothing. I don’t have time to look at all the stuff, but he sends all the data and proves everything to then get more results (he is a pain in the bum like that). If you are sick of dodgy seo people try this guy”

Peter Marneros
Director, Slip Away Boat Transport

Loved working with Paul. Paul is simply a perfectionist and puts in 100 percent to his craft. I don’t like recommending anyone because it always backfires on me but happy to recommend Paul to anyone because I’m extremely confident of his skills and passion towards his craft!

He gave us a brand new website design, new brand profile and even helped with things like how we quote clients, how to invest money and plan the steps to grow our business.

We got results within the first few weeks with phone calls, quote requests and jobs we won that we didn’t get last year when we used an agency. The difference has been huge Best of all he shows us proof of the results and pushes us to get more results.

Rick Karagiannis
Director, Nu-Trend Plumber and Bathroom Renovations

“La Lente Marketing it’s a great way getting your business on the right track and you can be sure of great results. Paul it’s very honest and giving from himself more than it’s written in the contract. I really recommend to anyone who would like to increase sales and find a better, easier and more efficient way of managing your business.”

Paul Zaworski
Director Scootering Rentals