Scope Security Pty Ltd

Scope Security brand refresh.

This is another example of our recent marketing success stories. With our mix of marketing services and expertise we conducted a brand refresh for Scope Security that lead to a major increase in exposure for their business within weeks.

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Tom and Tony merged their independant locksmith businesses to form a new company called Scope Security. Their aim is to expand their range of services and grow their business together. Their initial request was to help with Google Ads placement, although after a deeper review of their current marketing efforts we recommended a more thorough approach be taken before spending money on advertising. 

With a limited budget the brief was to work with what was already in place to deliver improvements with a focus on the website & getting the Google My Business listing active.


Our marketing for Scope Security.

Scope Security’s initial marketing efforts included a website built through freelance website Fiverr that didn’t include any search engine optimisation development or ability to make updates locally. Their brand positioning needed better clarity and we identified opportunities to improve their customer aquisition and retention processes. 


Our contracted period covered March, April & May to redevelop their marketing execution with the bulk of work being spent on improving their website.  These are the key areas we worked on & their profiles below

  • Website development including a migration to the WordPress platform.
  • Review of previous company websites.
  • Removal of toxic backlinks set up to create
  • Brand story and unique selling proposition development.
  • Facebook and LInkedIn social media profile updates.
  • Google My Business listing set up & optimisation.
  • Service Seeking quote template set ups.
  • Google Analytics, Search Console & Bing directory listing set ups.
  • Set up of shared calendar across IOS, Android & Windows for job tracking.
  • Set up of review links and methodology for collecting new reviews.
  • Staff and service photography.

The results we delivered.

We delivered immediate results that were all tracked and measured using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Huge improvements were made to not only the volume of visitors to the website, but the number of relevant search terms being ranked for. Leveraging our 2,500+ LinkedIn connections we also managed to resolve the Google My Business listing blockage with an internal escalation. The website development including a transition to using the WordPress CMS and creating a platform for local updates without relying on 3rd party contractors to reduce costs.  

Here are some highlights from our marketing blitz;

  • New website search engine optimised content and pages.
  • 48,000 Google Search listing impressions vs 1,000 prev 6 months.
  • An average Google listing position of 43 within 2 weeks.
  • 110 site visits in a few weeks vs 69 prev 6 months and 2+ minutes per session.
  • Over 2,200 page views with newly created pages over 30% of volume.
  • Google My Business listing approval, over 1,100 impressions .
  • New FAQ and Special Offer pages on 1st page of Google searches.
  • Major improvement in relevant search queries for locksmith related terms.
  • Bounce rate reduced from over 40% to below 2%
  • New brand and service photography used on all digital platforms.
  • Revised Service Seeking quote templates to better promote the brand.
  • Refreshed Facebook and LinkedIn profile set ups.
  • Creation of photo repository for all jobs completed.
  • Job booking calendar set up synchronised across devices.

"My business partner and I hired Paul to help set up and build the brand of our new company 12 weeks ago. Since day one we felt we had a huge amount of support, guidance and an I.T guru in the team. Paul's extensive knowledge about business marketing, advertising, social media platforms and website development is outstanding. His determination to see us reach our goals is most appreciated. Thanks for being a part of our team and we will be sure to call on you again."

Tom Russo, Co-Director of Scope Security Pty Ltd.

Our recommendations.

While it is always easy to highlight the great marketing achievments delivered we also make sure we provide recommendations for our clients to follow after our contract is completed. For Scope Security we had suggested they focus on the following areas;

  • Capture and share before and after photos from each job.
  • Reach out to all previous Customers requesting reviews.
  • Present all offers as Inc-GST pricing to make it easier for Consumers.
  • Create a guarantee for all work done to help provide peace of mind.
  • Share content across all platforms especially Google My Business.
  • Establish a lead conversion tracking process.
  • Review Customer database to identify regular vs new clients.

Reviews of our marketing work

Here are some reviews of our marketing services that have been written by people we have worked closely with.

“An absolute amazing photographer! His work his amazing, friendly and very professional. Highly recommended!”

Thao Nguyen
via Google

“I worked with Paul over a number of years and found him to be an extremely driven and effective sales manager. His competitive advantage was in his industry knowledge and experience and his innate ability to analyse the market data and use in developing and executing on successful strategic and tactic plans. Paul was a pleasure to work alongside and a great senior representative for any organisation to consider.”

Mark Oakey
Regional Manager, Product Marketing Asia Pacific

“Paul was very personable, quick, and we love the way his photos turned out. We would certainly use him again for our commercial needs.”

Moira Tripp
via Google

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Domayne. Paul was extremely passionate about the business and he possesses a knowledge of the Consumer Electronics market that is second-to-none. While at Domayne, he regularly created new and innovative ideas about how to grow the business. Paul always had a clear view of the direction the business needed to take. Furthermore, he did an excellent job of executing business strategies both internally and externally. I would recommend Paul to any business that is looking for someone passionate and driven to succeed.”

Peter Sharp
Audio Visual Product & Marketing Manager, Domayne

My recommendation for Paul is simple. He is a passionate man who has been successful in many roles. He has great attention to detail & exceptional business knowledge. I highly recommend Paul.”

Liz Jones
Franchisee, Harvey Norman

“I have known Paul for about 16 years. He has been a client and a colleague over the years. He is a creative, hard working, focused individual who always delivers a good result. From day one he had ideas and implemented them and he is still doing that with the same passion a decade a half later. I would always be happy to work with Paul, an asset to any organisation.”

Jeff Greene
National Account Manager, Dataflow

“I briefed Paul on a photo shoot for Tonka toys…brief being to create a collection of images that were not ‘corporate’ for our social media channels. With Paul’s marketing background crossed with his photography eye – there was not a dud photo! Paul came up with some ‘story’ concepts, did the shoot and presented some amazing photos. Highly recommended!”

George Khoury
Brand Manager, Tonka Toys

“Paul approaches marketing with a very clear objective in mind – that of creating value for the business. He is one of those very rare marketers who will turn every stone, and if necessary climb under it, to ensure that every effort realises its full potential. He doesn’t suffer fools, but always acts in a respectful manner (even when those dealing with him don’t respect his knowledge and advanced understanding of today’s marketing principles) I’d gladly work with Paul again as his curiosity and clear objectives make me think thrice, avoiding the temptation to conceptualise a campaign that ticks all the marketing value boxes, but fails to deliver the business value. Paul works at a million miles an hour. Those that can carry that pace will delight in working with him.”

Jörn Sanda
Managing Director, Hotwire Communications

Paul has always impressed me with his “can do” attitude, he has a tremendous will to win and excellent negotiating skills.”

Tim Edwards
Chief Executive Office, Noel Leeming Group

“I have had the pleasure to work with Paul in the last 7 years across a number of situations from customer, to Group Manager for Music. He has the sensational ability to view, analyse and drive to achieve outcomes over and over again. His ability to adapt and achieve in any scenario regardless of the challenges is an essential part of his achievements and is an exceptional colleague to work with.”

Damien Lepore
Managing Director ANZ, Logitech