Examples of our Marketing Success Stories from our photography services

marketing success stories

Let us take care of your marketing.

We can create a marketing service that is suited to your business and unique situation. You get to leverage over 20 years of marketing experience to add impact to your brand and its performance in the marketplace. 

Suitable to a business about to launch or an existing small or medium business. We can scale our services to suit any budget or business size. There are no hidden costs, extra charges or hidden surprises, with everything put in writing with a simple to understand services agreement.

  • Marketing Co-Ordinator; Part Time or Contract.
  • Marketing planning and strategy.
  • Brand development planning.
  • Product or service promotional programs.
  • Reviews or audits of existing Marketing Teams

Success stories.

Here is a selection of recent marketing success stories that you can read about. 

Proven results

Any marketing investment made must deliver an outcome and we have a proven track record of delivering commercially sensible results. With marketing expertise across social media, digital marketing, public relations, agency management and even product management we know where time can be wasted and quick gains made.

A proven track record with tangible, impactful, results. Here are some highlights

  • Delivered over 30,000 Google Search impressions after an overhaul of Scope Security’s website. 100+ website visits in 12 weeks vs less than 70 in the previous 12 months with a bounce rate below 10% and website ranking for locksmith related search terms.
  • Launched Fish Cove in Rose Bay developing their brand profile, website & social media activities. Delivered over 4,000 Google interactions with first page search results, over 25 reviews, 300+ Instagram followers & local area marketing including reviews on top food sites Not Quite Nigella and Broadsheet Sydney. 
  • Drove Lotus vehicle sales growth by $3M+ reversing a four-year sales decline spending less than $50K via re-invigorated digital marketing strategies across paid, owned and earnt media.
  • Delivered a 400% increase in Simply Sports Cars dealer website traffic with revised content, search engine optimisation, website cms management, paid and earnt search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Introduced Logitech's “Wireless Is More” consumer insight led campaign advertising with a 6%+ shift in sales mix within six months, 12%+ average sale price increase with a 20%+ increase in store share of shelf.
  • Won market leadership position at 25%+ of category for Ultimate Ears within 6 months of launch leveraging various digital marketing strategies including influencer and content promotional programs well before they became a ‘trend’.
  • Galvanised Dick Smith’s Entertainment category with a complete overhaul of their product marketing strategies to deliver record calendar year growth of $50M+
  • Launched PlayStation 3 as a category within Domayne achieving over 10% market share in the first few weeks of launch with just 10 stores.
  • Transformed Domayne’s Technology category with 30%+ growth in the first 4 months, reversed a 12 month decline & delivered the single highest revenue & profit growth in a financial year.
  • Rescued HP’s largest trading account circa $200M p.a winning ‘Hardware Supplier of the Year’ award & nomination for ‘Overall Supplier of the Year’
  • Grew the Logitech Australia's Facebook to 120,000+ fans in 12 months, placing the brand in the top 20 technology pages in the Country.
  • Introduced a consumer review system for Logitech that generated over 1,000 reviews and a 20%+ increase in conversions in the first six months.
  • Re-negotiated trading terms & a preferred partner supplier programs at Dick Smith delivering over $4M in extra rebates & trading discounts while addressing over $50M in aged inventory.
  • Winner of ‘Most Valued Player’ award at HP, Asia Pacific Managing Director’s ‘VP Award’ at Logitech, Asia Pacific ‘New Product Campaign’ Award at Logitech, Asia Pacific Employee of the Quarter at Logitech

Brands we've worked with

With more than twenty years of marketing experience we have been fortunate to work with a number of brands both local and around the world. We have worked with a mix of blue-chip multi-nationals and local small businesses across retail, wholesale and distribution to deliver incredible results quickly across different industry sectors.

Experience across industries and business sizes.

A few of our recent marketing service reviews

“I have known Paul for few years professionally and on a personal level through out couple of roles he held in his career. He is a great talent who combines an in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry with an outgoing urge for success. I could spend few hours describing the rare and unique talent he is, but I decided to put it in simple terms as I could be here for days: – Leader – Team player – Innovative – Focused – Positive – Dedicated – Honest – Loyal – Strategic – Original – Energetic – Knowledge – Experience – Will power. Most importantly he is an astute operator with results speak volume for his ability and his achievements I’ve always admired his energy, professionalism, ethics and winning attitude. Paul is what every business need, not to mention I am proud to call him a true friend.”

Ziad Yaacoub
CE Director, Tempo Australia

“Paul is a creative and original thinker. He has native intelligence, great curiosity about people and ideas, and plenty of common sense that he has applied to solve many problems. In addition, he has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest a change in effective but non-threatening ways both with the organisation and to partners that we engage with.”

George Saad
ANZ Director, Logitech

“Paul is a great talent who combines an in-depth knowledge of the Australian market with an outgoing urge for success. I know Paul since his early days at Harvey Norman and I’ve always admired his energy, professionalism and winning attitude. Since joining Logitech he has already made a difference and I have no doubts Paul will be a great contributor to Logitech’s success in Australia and beyond!”

Marco Manera
Director ANZ, Logitech

It has been a pleasure to work with Paul at Logitech. He is a strong partner and leader who brings an unmistakable passion for the business. Paul is particularly strong at understanding and communicating strategic plans, developing creative marketing plans, then rapidly driving them into execution.”

Dan Caccamo
Global Portfolio Marketing Manager, Ultimate Ears

“Paul has always been very open and trustworthy in his business ethics, and retains a desire to succeed from both a supplier and retailer perspective, It’s always a pleasure to work with Paul in sharing new ideas and concepts to benefit both sides of business, he is very alert and responsive to market changes as it happens, and has, as always presented consistent respect and compassion. I would recommend Paul in any business environment where a level head and smart thinking is required, as well as innovative ideas when going to market, During the time I have known Paul, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for him and his leadership skills, I have been pleased to work with him on many an occasion. Paul has a continued interest in programs related to leadership and development. He has instituted many impressive programs and it has been an honour to consult with him on some of the various projects over the years. He is an asset with the qualities of a natural leader: genuineness, intelligence, and integrity. Just as importantly, he has an enthusiasm for continued learning and networking, as well as a resolute desire to understand new theories and ideas.”

Ben McDonald
National Retail Sales Manager, Anyware Corporation

“Paul was managing the Harvey Norman account during my time as Market Development Manager at Hewlett-Packard. Paul successfully managed a very demanding account at the same time as he successfully managed a very demanding Market Development Manager! Paul grew the Harvey Norman business as well as the Desktop PC business to over achieve on our targets quarter upon quarter. Paul was instrumental in the success of my product line and he was alway willing to try new ideas to drive the business. Paul also provided valuable, realistic market feedback to assist in planning.”

Robert Bergqvist
Market Development Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Working with Paul over the last couple of years has been both rewarding and challenging. Paul always looked for new and innovating ideas to expand Logitech’s consumer base. In the digital world, this gave us as an agency the opportunity to work with a client who was not afraid to push the boundaries to make sure they were leading the charge in client acquisition and market growth. Paul’s never-ending enthusiasm not only fired up his team it also rubbed off on to ours.”

John Murray
CEO, Oracle Marketing

Paul has proven to be an excellent performer in his varying roles at Logitech as well as being an excellent marketer and communicator and I have no hesitation in recommending him to all concerned.”

Paul Dean
Managing Director, CalcsPlus

I dealt with Paul when he worked for Dick Smith Electronics, Paulis professional and organised with a focus on results/ outcomes.”

Mark Lee
General Manager, Birde

“It is with great pleasure to have worked with Paul in the implementation of their AUS reseller program. I’m glad to be of help in leveraging our PRM/CRM solution to support their Reseller activities and business needs. He is detailed oriented, focused and especially responsive being that we work half way across the globe from each other.”

Jessica Lorenzo
Operations and Product Lead Manager