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Ready to improve your website and search engine marketing?

Yes it is true, you can quickly and easily create a website in a few minutes using platforms like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a site that delivers actual visitors and more importantly, Customers. 

We have met many business owners who didn’t even know how many people visited their site, what pages they looked at or whether it was even written to optimise the most relevant keywords for their product or service.  

We don’t create a few web pages that look nice, we look at your whole business & what people are searching for to then create a site that will deliver results. There are no hidden costs, extra charges or hidden surprises, with everything put in writing with a simple to understand services agreement., 

  • Reviews and development of existing websites.
  • Creation of new websites.
  • Search engine optimisation of existing web pages.
  • Reporting via Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google My Business

Choose a website marketing service option

This will be the starting point and from here you can customise the marketing service to suit your specific needs.

Get started

$ 1495
  • Webste creation with pages for Home, About, Contact, Product/Services
  • Reporting tool integration.
  • Keyword research integration.
  • Optional hosting.
  • Optional @xx.com.au email address

Do a review

$ 495
  • Analysis of each page to identify performing pages and content.
  • Keywords ranking check.
  • Performance test for speed and mobile usability.
  • Competitor comparison.
  • Written summary & recommendations.

Quick overhaul

$ 995
  • Changes to key pages with a focus on non-performing pages and content.
  • Create outline of changes.
  • Keyword research integration.
  • Reporting tool check.
  • New content creation suggesions.

What do you receive from our marketing service?

You get complete access to our marketing expertise and knowledge with some of these fundamentals covered off as a starting point with further marketing development performed based on your goals.

  • An initial phone or email consultation to review the situation.
  • A face to face session to get a deeper understanding of your business and what you are trying to achieve.
  • An audit of your website, social media and/or other Customer touch points.
  • A review of Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business.
  • A review of available products and/or services and how they are presented.
  • Competitor review and look at Customer sentiment via review sites.
  • An audit of current marketing materials, advertising or promotional activities.
  • A written report that summarises the review findings and provides a list of recommendations.

Have questions or after something more tailored?

We can customise a service to meet your specific needs.

Brands we've worked with

With more than twenty years of marketing experience we have been fortunate to work with a number of brands both local and around the world. We have worked with a mix of blue-chip multi-nationals and local small businesses across retail, wholesale and distribution to deliver incredible results quickly across different industry sectors.

Experience across industries and business sizes.

Proven results

Any marketing investment made must deliver an outcome and we have a proven track record of delivering commercially sensible results. With marketing expertise across social media, digital marketing, public relations, agency management and even product management we know where time can be wasted and quick gains made.

A proven track record with tangible, impactful, results, take a look at some of our highlights.

Marketing services with 20+ years of expertise

our marketing SERVICES



Uniquely our marketing services can be supported with professional photography to bring everything to life.

Food, products, stores or even staff photos can be created to suit any need from use on the website, social media to promotional marketing materials.



We can assist to create content, implement tracking and measurement of your social media activities, set up profiles or even manage them on an ongoing basis.

Community development extends to forums, review sites and discussion groups.



Creating a website is more than just creating a few pages using a template creation site. Google uses hundreds of different factors to rank your website.

We can review an existing site's performance or build a new one supported with analytics and data.



There are many ways to be found on the internet with a website and social media profiles becoming the defacto default for nearly any business.

We can also help develop your Google My Business marketing efforts to tie everything together.

Over 140 written reviews

some of our recent Reviews

My business partner and I hired Paul to help set up and build the brand of our new company 12 weeks ago. Since day one we felt we had a huge amount of support, guidance and an I.T guru in the team.

Paul's extensive knowledge about business marketing, advertising, social media platforms and website development is outstanding. His determination to see us reach our goals is most appreciated.
Tom Russo
Director, Scope Security
La Lente was engaged by my company, Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics to establish a marketing plan and practices for our newly established practice. I found Paul to be incredibly dedicated and unbelievably hard-working from the outset. He boasts a breadth of knowledge and experience that I had not encountered before, nor since. I would highly recommend Paul for brands or businesses looking to bolster and consolidate their market positioning in a sustainable, scaleable manner.
Dr Rick Iskander
Director, Tailored Teeth
Paul was engaged to prepare a marketing strategy for a new state of the art dental clinic in the heart of Burwood with the aim of increasing patient flow through our doors. His work spanned branding, advertising, marketing and general advice. His work and work ethic are absolutely brilliant. He has a deep and extensive knowledge of marketing and was able to tailor a plan to suit our requirements and achieve our desired goals. I highly recommend Paul and would gladly work with him again in the future.
Milad Melham
Director, Tailored Teeth
Paul joined the team at Lotus Cars Australia and immediately set about helping us re-energise the brand within the automotive community. Paul's understanding of marketing, both traditional and social was extremely beneficial, and when coupled with his ability to shoot emotive photographs, proved to be a winning formula for increasing brand awareness. Paul invests himself into his work, particularly when he has a passion for what he is doing, and I would have no hesitation on recommending him to prospective employers looking for an energised individual who is passionate about what they do. Paul leaves us to pursue other passions he has in the photography and marketing world and I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.
Richard Gibbs
Chief Operating Officer, Lotus Cars
Working with Paul over the last couple of years has been both rewarding and challenging. Paul always looked for new and innovating ideas to expand Logitech's consumer base. In the digital world this gave us as an agency the opportunity to work with a client who was not afraid to push the boundaries to make sure they were leading the charge in client acquisition and market growth. Paul's never ending enthusiasm not only fired up his team it also rubbed off on to ours.
John Murray
Directory, Synchromesh Marketing
Paul understands consumer electronics and the expansive AP region and it's marketing needs quite thoroughly. As the global brand lead for Logitech, I worked with Paul to implement the new brand across all our regions. As the lead for AP, Paul was focused and determined to make the transition successful in the region. He championed the brand with all the regional stakeholders and became the key brand ambassador for alignment there. His attention to detail is stellar and he was continually evaluating ways to improve the regional executions. I appreciated the opportunity to work with him on this project as he made me better at my role through his direct questions and regional expertise.
Paige Lutter
Sr. Manager, Global Brand Equity, Logitech
Paul is one of the most passionate and driven brand professionals that I've come across. His role and his reputation have taken him to Europe and the US to work on global launches for Logitech and to share his best practices in social media campaigns and trade marketing projects. He's a pleasure to work with and will bring success to any team.
Art O Gnimh
Director Brand and Portfolio - Logitech
Paul did an outstanding job of launching our new music brand in the APJ region. Within a few months, we had the #1 and #2 spots in ANZ for speakers and our flagship earphone was setting new sales records in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Paul is able to take an overall (but not very detailed) global direction and make it work at a detail level locally
Rory Dooley
Director, Ultimate Ears
Paul is dedicated and passionate, with a creative flair for brand marketing and PR. During our time working together Paul demonstrated excellent in-market activation of marketing activity with fantastic results.
Rob Borret
Public Relations Director, Lotus Cars

Common questions

Can you guarantee results?

No unfortunately, but look at our proven track record and written reviews as evidence of our ability to generate results.

How does this service work in practice?

We firstly listen to what your goals or challenges are. Then we begin asking lots of questions about how things are currently being done, competitor activity and other areas to then become quickly familiar with your business and determine the next steps for action

Do you need access to our systems?

It would improve our ability to provide accurate information and analysis. Alternatively the data could be provided to us via your staff. In all cases we would be happy to sign an NDA if required.

What methods of payment do you take?

For the Starter Sessions payment is required upfront via Direct Deposit or Credit Card. For services with longer term periods Direct Deposit is required.

What locations do you work in?

We can work on a business based anywhere in the world. We can work on-site or remotely 7 days a week.

What if I want more time?

That is completely fine, for some people a starter package is sufficient, but for others they would like a longer term solution that we can provide also.

Do you tell us what to do?

In a nice way, yes we do. We give you a range of recommended steps to take to them implement and make changes.

Can you just do it for us?

Yes we can set up various types of arrangements where we do the initial scope of work that is required then begin implementing it for you so you can run your business.

How quickly before I see results?

This depends on a lot of different factors, including whether all our recommendations are implemented correctly. It will also depend on the depth of analysis and review we can do, the better we can learn about your business, the stronger the outcomes.

Can I change a session date?

You can change your session date, but your payment will be forfeited and would need to be paid again for the new date. This is because we would have rejected other bookings for your timing.